Nephilim Skulls

Is Alien Propoganda Used to Hide Nephilim?

The real rise of the alien conspiracy and infatuation with visitors from another planet started up around the 1940s and 1950s. Between Roswell and other famous sightings and coverups, people across the world have really embraced the concept that there are other creatures on or around the planet. Could it all be a red herring to draw us away from a darker truth? Some, including Biblical researcher Trey Smith, have proposed that the real coverup began in the 4th century AD with the Nicene Creed and the Council of Constantinople. Books such as … [Read More...]

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2014 Kia Soul

2014 Kia Soul: A Cheerful Upgrade on a Great Seller

Introduced in 2009 as Kia’s answer to the Nissan Cube and Scion xB the Kia Soul has enjoyed great sales for the past five years and with a fantastic redesign the Kia Soul may be the benchmark for automakers wanting to compete.  With a hip, boxy style and a ton of upgrades inside the Kia Soul appeals … [Read More...]

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Rail Gun

Navy Lasers, Rail Guns Coming at a Cost Savings

It isn't the incredible precision, the devastating effects, or the sheer coolness of the technology behind the US Navy's new laser and rail gun systems that are so appealing. It's the fact that they're cheap. That has Washington's attention. Lasers capable of taking out drones and attack boats … [Read More...]

Mary Barra

With Mary Barra at the Helm, General Motors is on the Rise

On January 15th of this year, General Motors announced the newest CEO for the world renowned automaker will be Mary Barra.  This announcement comes at the wake of Dan Akerson announcing his resignation due to personal reasons, and naming Barra his successor.  Who is Mary Barra and what is she going … [Read More...]

Secretary of State John Kerry

Kerry Paints a Biblical Apocalypse Picture (then calls it climate change)

Secretary of State John Kerry said that the planet was on a collision course with drought, famine, flooding, and deadly storms, all things spoken of in Bible prophecy as indicative of the end times. Unfortunately, he wasn't quoting the Book of Revelation. He was quoting the global warming … [Read More...]


Watching for More Suspicious Banker Suicides

The number of banker and business executive "suicides" has been mounting since the start of 2014. As many are predicting a financial meltdown of global proportions, it's odd that people who may be "in the know" are now killing themselves. Four suicides in a week is odd but it's not enough to be … [Read More...]

Cyber Security

The Scary Numbers of Cyber Security Breaches

The good news is that 2013 seems to be a lighter year when it comes to the total number of cyber security breaches and records stolen by hackers. The bad news is that this is likely the calm before the storm. There's an ebb and flow when it comes to cyber security. The hackers find ways to breach … [Read More...]

Jay Z Illuminati

Strong Documentary Introduces You to the Illuminati

There are plenty of theories, tons of facts, and an incredible amount of disinformation regarding the New World Order, the Illuminati, and the various secret societies that are bent on controlling the whole planet. We are being conditioned to accept them. Some are terrified and believe that their … [Read More...]

Beast Tech and the Coming New World Order

Beast Tech and the Coming New World Order

Many who believe that we're in the end times think that much of it will manifest in the form of increased technology that will make it possible to do some of the things such as limiting commerce to those who take on the mark of the beast. There are those who are already seeing what they believe to … [Read More...]

Cicada 3301

Who is Behind Cicada 3301?

If you think you're smart enough to break codes, you may want to wait around for the next Cicada 3301 set of puzzles. Very few people know why you would want to try to break the various puzzles put forth by the mysterious organization save the few that have jumped through the hoops in time. Those … [Read More...]

Mass Deaths Amongst West Coast Sea Life

Mass deaths and anomalies occurring amongst West Coast sea life

From melting starfish to mutated whales, people all along the West Coast numerous strange anomalies amongst the local sea life. Anomalies aren’t the worst of it either. People are also discovering hundreds of thousands of dead sea creatures like starfish and jellyfish scattered on beaches all along … [Read More...]

Federal Reserve Audit

3 in 4 Americans Think They Want the Federal Reserve Audited

Americans want the Federal Reserve audited. Is it a pipe dream? Of course. It will never happen. That doesn't mean people can't dream about it. A recent survey by Rasmussen shows that 74% of Americans want an audit performed on the Federal Reserve. Their tagline is this: The Federal Reserve, … [Read More...]