2014 Cadillac Escalade

The 2014 Cadillac Escalade has continued to carry on with what has made it great for many years, big, brash, bold, and not to forget beautiful. A large luxury style SUV that many in its class deem as the benchmark for them to aspire to, the Escalade lineup has two fewer trim levels than in years past, but still offers plenty to avid fans and new owners.

Losing from the lineup the hybrid and EXT models, the Escalade continues to be a status symbol for celebrities as well as a popular team hauler for the avid soccer mom. Offering both seven and eight passenger seating, nothing else in its class offers the same classic presence or hauling capabilities.

With the size of this beast a driver might expect the Escalade to be seriously challenged when riding, but the active suspension, electronic stability, and traction controls all help to keep this big boy tamed offering the entire load a smooth and comfortable ride. As far as corners, it’s really what any owner would expect, big and cumbersome, but that is really the only knock in the Escalade at all. Acceleration is quick and easy with the massive engine growling under the hood, and the Escalade makes an outstanding long distance hauler for either people or stuff, or even both.

With the discarding of the hybrid and EXT models, the Escalade has scaled down to only one engine offering, but it is a real beauty. A huge 6.2 liter V8 monster powers this beast offering the driver 403 horsepower and 417 lb.-ft. of torque. Knowing this engine would be thirsty often, Cadillac equipped it with Active Fuel Management which shuts down half the cylinders when lighter loads are experienced. Even with this onboard the rear wheel drive version comes in at 14 city/18 hwy for fuel mileage while the all-wheel drive offers 13 city/18 hwy. The one upside to this is the Escalade is set to accept regular-grade gas instead of premium, saving the owner a little bit of money when filling up.

Offering only two trim models, the base or ESV with the ESV being an extended length model, the interior of the Escalade can be set to hold seven passengers with a pair of second row bucket seats, or eight passengers with a 60/40 split bench for the second row. The ESV model does offer third row passengers more leg room and almost three times the cargo space behind the third rows of seats, with all models being decked out in leather upholstery throughout the vehicle. As expected, all controls and are within easy reach for the driver, all knobs and controls are well positioned and easy to use, keeping the driver’s eyes on the road where they belong.

On the outside the Escalade is unmistakable. With classic and elegant stylings along with a brash and bold presence this behemoth is a work of art on wheels wherever it is seen. The difference in length between the two models is a huge 20 inches to offer the additional space needed for the larger haulers out there. Offering a complete accentuation of chrome the Escalade offers a signature look many celebrities favor as well as the status symbol soccer moms desire.

Four trim levels are available for either model of the Escalade; Standard, Luxury, Premium, and Platinum. At the Standard level the standard features offer a navigation system, Bose premium audio with ten speakers and rear headphone jacks, a power lift gate, three-zone climate control, 14-way power heated and ventilated front seats, and power-adjustable pedals. At higher trim levels the owner is pleasantly met with a Magnetic Ride Control Suspension, blind-zone monitoring, a power sunroof, a heated steering wheel, and a rear DVD entertainment system.

The optional equipment for the Escalade is a short list with most optional features bundled into the different trim levels, however the few that stand alone are: all-wheel drive (optional on all trim levels), 22-inch wheels, power –retractable side steps, LED headlights, and the rear DVD entertainment system on the trims that don’t offer it.

Cadillac did not forget about safety with this hunk of metal bullying down the blacktop, a rearview camera, rear park assist, and GM’s OnStar communication system with automatic crash response are all standard on all models for 2014.

At the base model the price for a 2014 Escalade starts at just under $65,000 which is a great price for this much vehicle bought at that price tag. At the highest trim level with all the additions built in the Escalade can reach as high as the mid-$80,000 range, offering class and comfort expected from Cadillac.

The Cadillac Escalade has become the gold standard for large SUV’s to aspire to and continues to lead the pack as a dual beauty and beast as well as offering any owner a plethora of class, comfort, style, and power all in one big punch. Anyone shopping for a large SUV needs to give the Escalade a look and then might not even think to look anywhere else once they experience the awesome power and sheer grace of this great monstrosity.

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The 2014 Cadillac Escalade has continued to carry on with what has made it great for many years, big, brash, bold, and not to forget beautiful. A large luxury style SUV that many in its class deem as the benchmark for them to aspire to, the Escalade lineup has...