The Fake Snow Conspiracy

As conspiracy theories go, the fake snow concept is one that potentially affects so many people but gets very little attention. It’s weird. It can draw skepticism from multiple circles. It’s not nearly as juicy as some of them, and yet it might be one of the biggest ones because it affects things that we don’t normally like to discuss: weather manipulation.

You can’t protect yourself from this type of conspiracy with guns, going off the grid, or tinfoil hats. If there’s a hurricane or major snowstorm sent your way, you at its mercy.

The folks over at Alltime Conspiracies put together a nice video revisiting the issue from earlier this year and exploring some of the possible reasons why it’s true and how it’s being covered up.

The video is below and here’s the transcript:

January, 2014. A freak snowstorm hits southern USA. The normally mild and sunny southern states of Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia are engulfed by a vicious arctic cold front. This causes record cold temperatures of 8° F or -13° C, thousands of traffic accidents, and blankets the highways in 3 inches of snow. Nicknamed “Atlas”, the freak snowstorm killed over a dozen Americans. The major weather report agencies would have you believe that these extreme conditions are, of course, odd but expected considering the havoc that climate change has recently been wreaking on our planet. But they didn’t foresee that thousands of viewers would take a flame to the snow and unearth something deeply suspicious.

When heated with a flame, the Atlas snow wasn’t melting. Instead, it burned, emitting a plastic chemical smell into the air. Thousands of YouTube videos were uploaded, exposing the mysterious behavior of America’s January snow. The bizarre phenomenon of burning snow got many people wondering what in worth this wet white stuff was which was falling onto our homes, neighborhoods, and dissolving into the air we breath. Is this fake snow? More importantly, is it safe?

Amateur meteorologists and conspiracy theorists like climate researcher Michael Murphy linked the alleged fake snow discovery to the terrifying possibility of weather manipulation. That is, the geoengineering of the earth’s climate for our own selfish purposes. Under normal circumstances, modification of the weather can be used to improve quality of life by preventing dangerous weather like hurricanes and increasing rainfall in dry areas by cloud seeding. Scientists were quick to discredit the fake snow theory, attributing its burning and chemical smell to a process known as sublimation where a substance transitions from a solid to a gas without undergoing the liquid phase. But that doesn’t invalidate the fact that we do, indeed, have the capacity to manipulate the weather, and snowfall is no exception.

With the weather at our fingertips, the consequences could be deadly. Climate imbalance, military warfare, and health scares are all terrifying possibilities of weather manipulation. But if weather warfare is the way we’re headed, the question arises, “Why would the US government release artificial and potential harmful snow across its own country. The likely answer is all around us.

Rising sea levels, freak storms, heat waves, droughts, melting polar ice caps – in other words, global warming. Dane Wigington is a climate researcher and the lead investigator at Geoengineering Watch, which is a research project which explores the environmental dangers of weather manipulation. In various articles in a 2012 documentary, Wigington and his colleague Murphy argue that fake snow is being spilled across the world in an attempt to cool down earth’s temperature and reverse climate change. But surely it’s incomprehensible to think that we can produce high winds, bitter cold fronts, and inches of snowfall across all states. Well, you’d be surprised.

Technology now enables us to geoengineer heavy, wet snowfall using a technique called artificial ice nucleation. Using the inconspicuous vapor trails from airplanes, scientists may have come up with a clever way to pump aerosols into the stratospheres in order to produce cloud seeding and stimulate the formation of ice crystals. Disguised as normal aircraft vapor lines, these are in fact chemtrails, cloud sprays that are laden with chemicals, toxins, and aluminum. What’s more, the military funded High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Alaska, or HAARP for short, has patented technologies such as ionosphere heating installations, which Murphy and his fellow climate theorists believe are being used to generate hurricane steering. This, combined with cloud seeding and chemtrail ice nucleation make the possibility of human-generated snow storms very real.

But the US Environmental Protection Agency reports that those thin airplane clouds are nothing more than condensation trails produced from the hot air that escapes from the plane’s jet engine. While chemtrails might sound farfetched to the EPA, perhaps we have actually been practicing artificial snow production for over 40 years. NASA even owns the patent for artificial ice nucleation itself. The agency first began exploring the potential of aerosol induced storm technology in the 1970s.

In 1976, scientists N. Fukuta and and Y. Paik released their paper, A Supersonic Expansion Method of Ice Nuclei Generation for Weather Modification. This report contained a design for a revolutionary ice crystal generator along with the calculations to pump these ice crystals into our environment. Fast forward to 2007 and China has successfully created artificial snow to encourage precipitation in drought areas by accelerating cloud formation with silver iodide. Sounds innocent enough, but in 2009, Chinese scientists accidentally went overboard in their cloud seeding efforts and created a ferocious snow storm that lasted 11 hours, seriously disrupting flights and transport.

Was China’s and America’s freak snowfall an attempt to improve drought circumstances, or perhaps a weather manipulation tactic in order to combat the bigger and more dangerous threat of global warming? In 2014 it was announced that HAARP was being shut down, which fueled further conspiracy theories about the motivation of this facility. Did the military announce this to quell public speculation over its interference with our weather? The solar experts over at Geoengineering Watch believe that HAARP is still very active modulating our climate to reverse global warming.

The truth is weather manipulation could have sinister adverse consequences on our environment and our health if we’re not careful. As Wigington describes them, these toxic temporary cool downs are no solution for climate change. RuckerConspiracyEnvironmentFeaturedTechnologychemtrails,China,conspiracy,HAARP,NASA,Weather Modification
As conspiracy theories go, the fake snow concept is one that potentially affects so many people but gets very little attention. It's weird. It can draw skepticism from multiple circles. It's not nearly as juicy as some of them, and yet it might be one of the biggest ones...