The Logic of Jade Helm 15

This isn’t going to be an in-depth analysis of Jade Helm 15. It’s not going to be a series of predictions or warnings about what the master plan is behind the scenes. It’s not even going to be a call to action for patriots and defenders of freedom, nor will it promote a concept of heading for the hills with your guns and emergency supplies. There is plenty of information available on the internet to cover those things and frankly, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made up your mind about how you’re going to react.

That’s the point. That’s why Jade Helm 15 is a success for the powers that be before it even begins.

I definitely don’t want to take away anyone’s hope. I don’t want to turn a negative situation worse by telling you that there’s nothing we can do about it. I simply want to explain why the lack of logic behind Jade Helm 15 is the most logical thing the new world order has done in a long time. As much as I hate pointing fingers, I’ll go ahead and place some level of blame. Jade Helm 15 is our fault. Americans, in particular the college-aged youths, have failed. I’ll explain a little later about the one way to turn it around, but first, let’s look at the logic.

In Short, There’s No Logic Behind Jade Helm 15

This is the most blatant example of complacency that we’ve ever seen as a country. It beats the complacency that kept us out of World War I and World War II when America missed opportunities to do the right thing but waited. Back then, the complacency was justifiable because of fear and apprehension of a country that didn’t quite know its capabilities. Some would say that was a good thing that we waited in both instances before getting in the action. I disagree, but history is done.

With Jade Helm 15, it’s not fear or apprehension holding the American people back. It’s acceptance. We’ve accepted that the government will do what the government will do regardless of our actions. We’ve lost the drive to band together to fight injustices. That’s not pointing a finger at any individuals; I know plenty of people who have acted on behalf of the nation to fight wrongs such as the Patriot Act, domestic spying, 9/11 coverups and the like. However, the general population guided by a corrupt media system is stuck thanks to the advantages of the digital age. What should be a way for information to be disseminated has turned into more of a distraction than anything else.

The government has put in front of us all an operation that cries for questions and protests. From the scope and timing to the selected hostile locations, it doesn’t get any more obvious. The stated intentions make no sense at all. How would having plain-clothed operates infiltrating domestic communities have any value fighting an enemy outside of the United States? They’ve all but declared that this is a conditioning exercise and yet those who call it such are ridiculed by the media. Even the rollout itself has been so obviously planned to call attention to it that it reeks of incompetence.

The reality is that it’s not incompetence that makes the operation so illogical. These are all intended. Whether it’s the final test before launching the real campaign or whether it’s the first part of the campaign itself, the government has flashed a neon sign that says, “This makes no sense at all,” and they’ve closely monitored the responses. What they anticipated has happened. Calling Jade Helm 15 suspicious is like saying that Elvis is alive. Only the fringe in the alternative media is noticing the obvious. This is why they’ve already won, at least in their own minds.

The Only Thing Left

Since the vast majority of the American people haven’t paid any attention to Jade Helm 15 and since most who have aren’t seeing it as alarming, the mission is going to move forward and is, in the minds of puppeteers, already heading towards success. Alarm bells will no longer work. We can blog about it, make videos, and share it to Facebook all we want. Chuck Norris and a hundred other influential people can come out and condemn it, but nothing will change.

The only thing left is deep and meaningful prayer. Only God can save the country if that is His Will, and just as Daniel and the Prophets begged for their nation’s forgiveness, so too must we ask our Lord for the same. I know that not everyone who reads this site is a Christian and you’ve probably either stopped reading or you’re formulating your snarky response, but I see no way around the truth of the matter. I can’t in good conscience tell people that the good fight hasn’t already been lost, that the country isn’t spiraling towards terminal velocity, or that anything we can do on our own would be anything other than fruitless.

They played their hand and it’s better than ours, not because they’re right but because the general population is ready and willing to be sheep led to slaughter. The only thing that can save this country now is the Almighty, and while His Will is going to happen, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a little more time. McCloskeyActivismConspiracyFeaturedJudeo-ChristianMilitaryNew World OrderPolice StatePoliticsPopulation ControlReligionRightsTechnologyThe UnknownJade Helm 15,New World Order,Police State
This isn't going to be an in-depth analysis of Jade Helm 15. It's not going to be a series of predictions or warnings about what the master plan is behind the scenes. It's not even going to be a call to action for patriots and defenders of freedom, nor...